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VASALTO Tech and Talent was founded in 1993 to provide legal and financial consultancy services for a wide range of increasingly demanding and specialized companies.

By 2008, our degree of specialization and market penetration in certain sectors encompassed as much as 20% of the Spanish market.

VASALTO is now rated as one of the benchmark companies in the sector, with over 200 companies having placed their trust in us.
More than 30 multinational firms have entrusted ALT with defending and managing their interests in Spain.

VASALTO will soon join the ranks of the Spanish and European companies that have been awarded with ISO 9001 certification thanks to our ongoing commitment to quality improvement.




The VASALTO’s executives are 60 top professionals; Practicing Lawyers, Trial Attorneys, Economists, Chartered accountants, Labor Graduates and IT consultants

Luis Guerra Carbajo

Luis Guerra Carbajo

Managing Director

Practicing lawyer and chartered accountant. Postgraduate degree in Accounting from U.C. Berkeley (USA). Arthur Andersen. Partner and Director of VASALTO since 1994. Lecturer in tax affairs at the Instituto de Empresa business school.

Mariano Coello Balaguer

Mariano Coello Balaguer

Mercantile Law Department Director

Trial Attorney. Graduate of IESE’s Executive Management Program. Manager at VASALTO since 1998 in the Legal Department.

Juan Carlos González Rivera

Juan Carlos González Rivera

Accounting and Tax Department Director

Economist. BA in Business Administration from the University of Madrid and Master in General Management Business School. Senior Manager at Deloitte Advisory Board until 2011 and several multinational small businesses. Professor Chamber of Commerce.

Manuel Domínguez Crespo

Manuel Domínguez Crespo

Director of the Labour Department

Director of the Labour Department . More than 20 years of experience in outsourcing services in S2G (Deloitte Group ) as Director of Planning and Control.

Manuel has a degree in Business Administration from the ICADE Diploma in Internal Auditing and the ICADE .


Our Technological



Technology is one of the pillar that contributes to the company competitiveness and sustainable productivity. At ALT Asesores Legales we strongly leverage technology and consider Information technology (IT) as a vital and integral part of every business plan. From multi-national corporations to small businesses, IT plays a key role. The reasons for the omnipresent use of computer technology in business can best be determined by looking at how it is being used across the business world:


System Integration is still too often underestimated when outsourcing a process or a service. At ALT we know how important is to avoid “siloed” software system and processes. We know that every employee must be operating at optimal productivity. If your employees are bogged down with inefficient and disjointed processes, it increases errors and takes time away from their more important core duties.


Systems Connectivity is a key requirement for today’s organization to face multiple challenges in today’s high competitive market. Connectivity is a key element responding to the most demanding operational needs where situation awareness and real-time visibility are critical.


Storing data is only a benefit if that data can be used effectively. Progressive companies use that data as part of their strategic planning process as well as the tactical execution of that strategy. Management Information Systems (MIS) enable companies to track sales data, expenses and productivity levels.  Data Security is a Key challenge in all companies.

Multi Device Access

In today’s business challenges and changing labour models, ubiquitous users opportunity to interact with the digital world through their surrounding environment elements, at any time and using any device is increasingly becoming a must.

The Cloud

Resources on-demand, flexibility and scalability as per your business needs. Pay per use apps, available any time any where. An undergoing offering in continuous expansion.