Quality Policy

VASALTO is a company dedicated, among other things, to the payroll process outsourcing service (BPO), which started its activity in 1993, aims to achieve a continuous improvement in the quality of the service it provides.

For these reasons and to achieve the highest level of competitiveness in the sector based on the trust and loyalty of our customers, the VASALTO Directorate promotes the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of its Management System based on the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 reference standards (Quality management systems).

The Directorate of VASALTO establishes the basic pillars of the Management System and its commitment in the application of the following points:

– Satisfaction of the current and future expectations of our customers, beyond the concrete service initially raised, seeking continuous improvement and excellent service.

– Ensure that all services are managed ensuring compliance with deadlines and rapid response to incidents, with effective and efficient management.

– Create, maintain and develop a management system for the realization of massive payroll processes (more than 50 employees).

– Compliance with applicable requirements, both legal and regulatory, as well as those of the client.

– Create a quality internal culture involving all VASALTO staff, creating a commitment within the organization.

– Develop a participatory Quality Management system taking advantage of the capabilities of all the people involved.

– Assumption of responsibility for our professional performance covered with professional civil liability insurance with an entity of recognized prestige and solvency.

– The control and monitoring that is done to the suppliers is through the incidents detected during the year and their resolution.

– Comply with the requirements established in ISO 9001– 2015.

Establish a work system based on:

– Standardized work schedules adapted to each client.

– File exchange platform for the control of information flows respecting the agreed deadlines.

– Process of importing data from the client's own management systems.

April 2017.

Fdo. Alberto Lucero Batalla (Director de Calidad).