Hotelier sector

What we do


With more tan 26 years of experience in tourism sector, we provide financial and labor services, advice and payroll processing services, with the support of more tan 100 professionals.


Hotel sector specific

  • Eventuality of contracts: Control of maturities and their concatenation.
  • Mobility between cost centers: application in accounting entry.
  • Functional mobility within the professional group: preventive legal advice.
  • Payroll treatment of tips: tax contingency analysis.
  • Workdays irregular and holiday work: preventive legal advice.
  • Cleaning staff: treatment of time and geographic dispersion.
  • Personnel facing the public: creation of codes of conduct and disciplinary regime.
  • Fellowship hospitality schools: creation of checklists for a better management of the «employment relationship» concept.
  • Tracking training contracts with training center.
  • Management of delivered materials (uniforms, tools, etc ...)
  • Foreign Personnel Controls (expiration of NIEs).
  • Partial days: Control of partial days in the hospitality sector, and daily and monthly registration of conferences, “preparation of registration sheets for conferences, especially partial days.“.
  • Management of Extra Personnel: Agile system of High and Recruitment and enter variables for Hotel managers.
  • Prevention: Advice, and where appropriate, the follow-up of prevention plans or similar.
  • Licenses: Administrative processing of licenses, installation of terraces and others.
  • Defense against penalties for noise, opening hours, annoying activities, etc.
  • Discontinuous fixed: type letter in Templates / Letters and Certificates and emails. Mass registration in call contracting through the mass generation of a3EQUIPO.

Management and control of operational processes

  • Data Exchange Manager: Exchange Notification and Tracking.
  • Calendar Manager: Tracking Tasks and Notices.
  • Approval Manager: Multilevel.
  • Employee Portal as Human Resources Document Manager.
  • Fully modular service levels: Outsourcing of a la carte tasks.
  • Exception Reports designed.
  • Accounting entry according to designed criteria.

Optional Services for Management

  • Legal-Social Advice.
  • Support in the management of Seasonality: Implant (temporary) of Administrative Management.
  • Management and Control of specific remuneration elements: Stock Options, Benefits, Housing, School, etc...
  • Payroll Audit.