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Cantabria Labs


About Cantabria Labs

Cantabria Labs is a pharmaceutical company specialized in dermatology, with more than 25 years’ experience and a wide range of medicines, nutraceuticals y cosmeceuticals. It is market leader in Spain and present in over 80 countries worldwide, thanks to its innovative research backed up by science. “At Cantabria Labs we love positive people with talent. We are an international science company working for people’s health, contributing our extensive range of products to improve people’s quality of life and lifestyle”.


The starting point

Its sales force is vital for the company, and given that a good number of employees are geographically dispersed, Cantabria Labs needed mobile management tools that would allow the workforce to access their HR and payroll information on mobile devices.


What they were looking for

The company took the decision to implement a new administration model: outsource the payroll process 100% in the cloud.


What we did

We were able to demonstrate to Cantabria Labs that VASALTO tech and talent had the capability, backed up by customer references, to provide a guaranteed and scalable solution to their needs. Since then VASALTO has been in charge of their payroll and HR administration.


The Result

In the words of Luis Iniesta, HR Director, “VASALTO’s professionals have, with their long experience, helped to facilitate the transition to the outsourced model and to make it work smoothly from the beginning”.

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