And now you, our customer

Our customers are both Spanish and International organisations, from a wide range of sectors: Airlines, Consulting, Construction, Financial Services, Hospitality, Logistic, Retail, Manufacturing, Technology, etc.

Industry Sectors

In VASALTO we look after all our customers in the same way, regardless of their complexity, geographical reach, or where they are based.

Success stories



companies have placed their trust in us.

  • Accedo
  • Airfrance KLM
  • Asociación de Revistas de Información ARI
  • Hotel Arts Barcelona
  • ATP Engineering & Packaging
  • Aryse Comunicaciones
  • Axesor
  • BBi Communication
  • Fundación b_TEC
  • BoConcept
  • Bossaball
  • Cabot
  • Cantabria Labs
  • Capotex
  • Citylogin
  • Cobralia
  • Carrefour express
  • Colegio Quercus
  • Colegio Hélicon
  • Dan John
  • Durasil
  • easyJet
  • The Barcelona EDITION
  • ePassi
  • Foraco
  • Generix Group
  • Gestimed
  • Giraudi Group
  • Hilton Barcelona
  • Hoist Finance
  • Humanide Group
  • IN-RGY
  • Instituto Veritas
  • Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid
  • Institución Teresiana
  • Interbeverage Services
  • Isolux Corsán
  • Johnson Health Tech
  • Kohlberg Kravis Roberts KKR
  • Kronos Homes
  • LAC Consultores de Estructuras
  • Lantania
  • LATAM Airlines
  • Cervezas La Virgen
  • Link Finanzas
  • Luis Vidal + architects
  • Marriott Hoteles
  • Menzies Aviation
  • Musaat
  • Narval Editores
  • Neinor Homes
  • Laboratorios NORMON
  • Norwegian Airlines
  • Odgers Berndtson
  • Paco Martinez
  • Grupo PECSA
  • People Who Global
  • Ray Human Capital
  • The Ritz-Carlton Abama
  • RSA Group
  • Santa Fe Relocation
  • Selecta Group
  • Sportisimo
  • Talan
  • TCP Solution
  • Joyeria Vendôme
  • Vimarsa Gestión de Viviendas
  • VISUfarma
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • Whirlpool
  • Zarosan Grupo

"Rarely could he see such a light and effective transition process. In less than 2 months everything was underway, with hardly any involvement of my team."


"Being part of an international group, in RSA requerimos a high availability of VASALTO resources for payroll operations and related inquiries. The VASALTO team has managed to provide a quality service that meets expectations."


"We have achieved that VASALTO is entirely the Human Resources department of Menzies Aviation Spain. It is a perfect solution!"


"We have 20 years of relationships in which every day I have more qualified VASALTO staff and involved with my organization."


"The management of EasyJet Spain needed to devote all its attention and energy to attenuate its human resources while complying with strict regulatory and reporting requirements to the parent company. VASALTO takes care of everything."


"With an eye on international projects, getting the best equipment and establishing global alliances, we needed to leave the accounting, tax and labor management processes in good hands. VASALTO takes care of it!"

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