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About EasyJet

It all began in a small office at Luton Airport, shared with the airport’s plane-spotters’ club. It was then that the first flights from Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh were announced, with balloons and flags decorating the terminal. “As cheap as a pair of jeans”, was the slogan, as the British press watched closely. The first flight took off successfully on a cold morning in November of 1995. We’ve come a long way since then: what has been the secret of our success?

  • Our focus on defying the established rules and conventions.
  • The passion of our employees.
  • We live for the enjoyment of our customers.
  • We will never give up on our mission, whatever challenges arise along the way.

The starting point

Easyjet Spain’s management team needed to be able to dedicate all its attention and energy to looking after its employees – Pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground Staff – while at the same time complying with the strict regulatory rules and the reporting requirements to the parent company. EasyJet Spain needed an experienced HR team right from the start, and opted for an outsourced solution.


What they were looking for

In choosing their supplier, Easyjet had very specific selection criteria:

  • Capacity to assume all the tasks of the Personnel and Labour relations department.
  • Ability to manage a highly complex remuneration system.
  • Integrating the supplier fully into Easyjet’s team.
  • Ability to maintain direct relationship with the parent company, in English.
  • Guaranteed service levels in terms of delivery time and quality.
  • Strict anti-fraud financial control methods.

What we did

Working closely with the management of easyJet España and in permanent contact with the financial team in the UK, teams from VASALTO tech and talent in effect became the Personnel and Labour Relations department of easyjet España, taking on the following functions:

  • Drawing-up contracts and managing any modifications and renewals.
  • Administration of both Spanish and non-Spanish employees.
  • Preparation and processing of payroll and managing the relationship with public bodies.
  • Management of Labour Relations.
  • Direct support to employees, in Spanish and English.
  • Reporting to the parent company and the Spanish management team.

The Result

The main advantages of this model are:

  • It allows easyJet España to focus on its business.
  • Immediate availability of an experienced HR team.
  • Reduces risk of incidents with the workforce.
  • An on-demand pay-by-use solution.
  • Access to highly specialized HR professionals.

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