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The Barcelona Edition


About The Barcelona Edition

The Barcelona Edition Hotel is to be found on the edge of the Born district, in the heart of the city, next to Barcelona cathedral and the Santa Caterina market. It’s just a short walk from Las Ramblas, the main city beaches and luxury shops, as well as the Gaudi buildings in Passeig de Gràcia. In addition to its 100 bedrooms, the hotel boasts an exclusive restaurant, Cabaret Super Club, bespoke cocktail bar, rooftop bar, open-air pool and a fitness centre.


The starting point

After months of preparation, the Barcelona management team announced the inauguration of the hotel with an initial staff of 250. As the date rapidly approached, they were clear that they needed the help of a firm like VASALTO tech and talent.


What they were looking for

With the imminent opening of the hotel, The Barcelona Edition wanted to outsource Payroll and administration to be able to focus on staff selection.


What we did

VASALTO tech and talent supplied the tools to streamline the mass hiring process, with a zero paper policy, allowing the employees to sign on their mobiles with an electronic signature, and with the support of the VASALTO team during the data collection phase. With the launch fully consolidated, VASALTO is working with the client on the parameterization of an automated presence monitoring system adapted to the peculiarities of a hotel (shifts, night work, unexpected absences, etc.).


The Result

In the words of Anaïs González Navarro, HR Director, “With VASALTO in charge of the administration and processing of the payroll, my team has been able to focus on recruitment. VASALTO’s professionals have provided us with the tools we needed to optimize the hiring process. We have created a great synergy between the teams.”

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